Barbie Dentist

Barbie DentistWelcome to Barbie Dentist! Patients were eating too many sweets, and their teeth were ruined, Barbie is the only dentist that can give them clean teeth, take action! You are a Barbie dentist and your job is to look for sugar-bugs. Blast'em all before the level ends. check out your tools and prepare to clean those teeth! The toothbrush cleans little sugar bugs, the scrubber cleans medium sized sugar sugar bugs and the polisher gets rid of big sugar bugs. Tidy up your patients teeth.Great graphics, animation, background music will thrill you. The game is very addictive and exciting, you'll love all those who love the dentist games. The game is suitable for all ages, especially for fans of dentist games. We wish you great entertainment. Good Luck!

Instructions: Use mouse to play.

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